Wear Love Clothing

Fashion to Fight in


I remember my first time walking down the red light district. The air felt heavier as I looked into the eyes of women and kids, who were being exploited. If eyes are windows to the soul; all I could hear in that one look was a cry for help. This haunted me more than any horror movie. The 27 million enslaved in the world now had a face. The eyes of one particular young girl who was no older than 8 still burn in my memory. I returned home that summer still feeling that chill of this one night. I wanted to make an impact. The idea of Wear Love came with the dream and a mission to make a difference even if it is just for the one. Here at Wear Love our store is equipped with a fighting pioneer spirit. Our van showcases the work of many artisans employed worldwide.

Each coming from a different country, organization, and women's voice; all with the one shared goal: to fight for justice and end trafficking. Every step of this journey hasn't been easy but it's our heart cry.