Wear Love Clothing

Fashion to Fight in


Yesterday I had a customer say to me “wow your doing my dream” and I remember for years I would talk about Wear Love as my one day, my life dream. My prayer is to never lose my passion for what Wear Love is and stands for. Don’t ever discredit what your doing in this life if your following your calling. We’ve all been marked in this life with purpose and clothed in love so I encourage all of us to look at what we are doing with the same firey passion that got us there in the first place🌞

It all started when…

Wear Love is Colorado’s first ever non profit mobile boutique. Our shop is run out of a 1965 vintage converted trailer we call the Wear Love Wagon. Inside the Wagon’s 8 by 10 foot walls e carry a mission to be a showcase of redemption stories. We operate as a global marketplace for goods being ethically sourced worldwide. Inviting our customers to be a piece of a global solution by purchasing anything from jewelry, clothing, and accessories and wearing the love each piece was handmade with.

Wear Loves deepest desire is to be apart of ending human trafficking worldwide with our unique approach. Our wish being to empower all who come into our Wagon to be partners in anti crime with us. Our goal being to equip and educate you with resources and information on why and how to be a solution. Finally clothing you in a piece of the solution. A handmade piece to clothe you in love, an all purpose garment.